Lisa Dudson

Best selling Author and Young Financial Planner of the year

Lisa Dudson is a Certified Financial Planner and winner of the 2003 Inaugural Young Financial Planner of the Year. She has written articles for a number of publications, has appeared on radio and TV, runs courses on property investment and personal financial planning, and is a respected seminar speaker. She is also the best selling co author of ‘The Complete Guide to Residential Property Investment in New Zealand’.

Mike Handcock

Asia’s leading Edu-tainer and Entrepreneur

Mike Handcock is an international professional speaker and entrepreneur. A sought after Speaker Mike has spoken in more than a dozen countries to over 25,000 people. The author of five books including a best seller and a musician with eight CD’s as a track record, Mike has been called Asia’s leading Edu-tainer and one of the top 10 coaches in Asia Pacific.

Kenina Court

Kenina is the founder of Acorn Solutions Limited, an accounting firm dedicated to working with clients to help them create wealth. Kenina is passionate about tax entity structuring and business and investment strategy that has clients turning their earned income into passive income and achieving their financial goals. As well as being an active property investor, Kenina also owns several businesses.

John Shackleton

The Performance Expert

John Shackleton should have been an Olympic swimmer but failed because of low self-belief. Now, with a sports psychology background and a career in international sports coaching, he inspires the corporate world to control their thinking and find the Olympian within.

Angela Beer

Hello Dolly! – Winner of ‘Dragons Den’

Hello Dolly is the baby of Angela Beer, who has a background in marketing and a doctorate in shopping! Angela has always been a woman’s woman and wanted to create a business that made women feel capable, independent, sexy and feminine.

David McEwen
David is an experienced investment writer, commentator and analyst. He runs IRG, New Zealand’s leading provider of independent data, analysis and advice about shares. Prior to forming his own business in 1996, David held positions with The Financial Times of London, Reuters News Service and The National Business Review, where he was Business Editor for several years.

Kurek Ashley

International Peak Performance & Success Coach Kurek Ashley is considered to be a master for teaching strategies for personal and professional success.

For the past 20 years Kurek has shown people from all walks of life, the strategies to take their lives to a higher level, mentally, financially, physically and spiritually.

Amanda Horsburgh

Property industry business owner

Having created over $5m in assets before age 30 Amanda lost the lot. We are happy to present the conference speaker you never want to hear from. Amanda will teach us all where the pitfalls are in what many of us see as fundamental property deals. An extreme session.

Arthur Lim

Arthur is an equities expert. As part of the senior Macquarie team, Arthur knows more about the global equities market than most people and he loves sharing his expertise.

Arthur is responsible for identifying, analysing, recommending and presenting investment ideas, products and opportunities to clients. Arthur held similar positions with JP Morgan and J B Were from 1992 to 2001.

Roger Barley

Roger has been actively involved with the futures and stock markets since the mid 1980’s. His background in engineering and commodities has given him a significant advantage to help formulate a fundamental based but technically orientated trading approach.

Michael Green

Michael has spent years studying business and what makes them successful. From a background of a leading business coach and high value for business broker, Michael now helps businesses prepare for sale and runs a programme to teach business buyers understand about value and how to successfully buy a great business.

Andrew King

Andrew has been a property investor for 20 years and has developed over $2m of equity in his properties. He provides property investment advice to all forms of media, including radio, newspaper and television and has written two of New Zealand’s best selling books on property. Co author of the best selling book ‘The Complete Guide to Residential Property Investment in New Zealand’ and ‘Planning for Property Success in New Zealand’.

Scott Goodwin

Scott is an Associate at Davenports Harbour and has 9 years post qualification experience in the area of Commercial Law. Scott’s principal areas of practice include Franchise Law, Intellectual Property Law and Retirement Village Law. He brings to Davenports Harbour and the North Shore a wealth of knowledge and experience in these areas. He is passionate about these areas and this is reflected in the enthusiasm he shows towards his clients and their projects.

Mike Tauiliili

Mike is quickly becoming one of the fastest climbers on the property trading ladder. Mike will tell you his story and share his secrets about becoming a successful Property Trader. Be prepared to move your mindset, to be inspired and be entertained by Mike’s humorous style of presenting.


Best line up of speakers at a wealth creation event ever!!!