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There is no gimmick, no trick. The answer is quite simple.

First of all, there is a science to making money. We pursue that science like a religion. Hence, we are a ‘Church’ (defined by Webster’s Thesaurus as “communion, connection, creed”) given to the unashamed creation and collection of wealth. This is a universal community, where our members provide each other with ever new and expanding means of making money and creating wealth. The more members we have, the more opportunity exists for all the members to create even more wealth. And, we have decided to go public.

That is, put in simple language, we are a self help community of people, who have either already become rich, or are determined to do so. We want to join with other people, who are not afraid to make a small payment for the opportunity to achieve wealth, power and contentment.

Secondly, even if you do not want to join others who will assist you to become rich, we want simply to provide the knowledge to people, who want to help themselves. But understand, we believe it can only be worthwhile to those who do not always want everything for nothing.

Thus, for this one small payment, we provide you with what we describe as:

The commandments, and
The parables showing where wealth lies, and
We show you the way, and preach to you only the truth about creating wealth.
All that for little money; all that in the hope you will join us; and thereby create and increase wealth, not only for yourself, but for all of us, as we can do for you.We offer the assistance of a community of cooperation and wealth creation, but you are welcome to take the knowledge and go forward successfully on your own, if you wish.

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Money is not the root of all evil. Indeed, it is the duty of every man and woman to create as much wealth as possible, and in doing so for himself or herself to provide profit to other men and women, and by so doing to enrich each other and others. That is to do good upon the earth. That combination undoubtedly produces a real sense of contentment.

You are invited to join us, to do good – good for yourself, and good upon the earth.

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The seven absolute Commandments for creation of wealth
The philosophy, successful over the ages, from ancient to modern, which shows where, and where not, to seek wealth.
How to prepare yourself to attract and make money, and how to acquire it NOW.
AND, MOST IMPORTANTLY, the opportunity to become a member of the Universal Church of Wealth Creation, and join fellow members in your enterprises, and their enterprises, to create wealth for all members.
When you take this important decision, to improve your life, to create wealth for yourself, to attain the power which goes hand in hand with the means wealth provides, there is no waiting. You can begin immediately. The first three of the above items, all you need to embark independently upon the path of wealth creation – The Commandments
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The Word and The Way
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Be assured your privacy is paramount; and we do not pry into your life or your affairs in any way; but understand that since our creed is that member helps member, it is necessary that something of each of our members is known.

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