“At the time I attended the Ultimate Wealth Weekend (UWW) I was in the middle of getting a business launched and had concerns that I really couldn’t afford the time out. How wrong I was!

I have attended many seminars over the years and this is by far the best for content, relevance and delivery. Going into the weekend I had a reasonable ‘wealth knowledge’ in general terms however UWW gave me a much deeper understanding of my strengths and weaknesses and, most importantly, gave me the understanding to enhance my strengths and compensate for my weaknesses. I also now know the best ways for me to achieve my wealth goals and those that simply won’t work for me so I should stay clear of. This was probably the most important message of the weekend for me – regardless of what the latest market craze is I need to understand what works for me and do that well because I will never create wealth doing something I’m not good at.

In my opinion anyone serious about achieving their wealth goals will get significant value from UWW. The presenters are experts in the chosen fields and the lively delivery ensures audience attention is captured throughout the weekend. Particular mention needs to be made of the way Mike Handcock keeps the weekend flowing and everyone energised and enthusiastic, his passion is contagious. There is something for everyone in UWW and the best advice I can give anyone thinking about attending is – invest in yourself, I’m certainly glad I did.”
Mark Maxwell, Integrity Trust

“I spent over seventeen years in the financial services business, so I knew a real lot before I came to Ultimate Wealth Weekend. I knew there would be value, but I wondered how it would apply to me. Finding out my wealth profile really put things in perspective. I learnt how I was doing things I shouldn’t and also how I really loved some of the sessions whilst not others. It wasn’t about the information, it was about me. We are all wired differently.

After the course I really worked on the focus I got from Ultimate Wealth Weekend and it has paid real dividends. A year later, I don’t work any where near as hard as I used to and my results have increased. I still have a way to go before I am totally retired but its been a great year and Ultimate Wealth Weekend had a lot to do with me finally after all these years, knowing what the right path is and staying on it. One of the single biggest things was knowing which opportunities to say no to and retain my focus on what I know will work for me. That in itself has saved me an incredible amount of time and money I would have wasted getting sidetracked.”
Darcy Sollitt

“Having been in the corporate world for many years and more recently the private sector with my own business, I found through Ultimate Wealth Week I was now adding a completely new dimension to my skill base. Throughout the course I received some great advice on business, which stimulated ideas and possibilities as to additional avenues in which to extend our income stream. Another beauty of Ultimate Wealth week was being exposed to literally dozens of wealth strategies and then being guided through a filter system so it quickly became obvious what I should or shouldn’t do. It is certainly a course I would encourage others to do. ”
Allan Court

“I must admit not being a ‘numbers’ person I was slightly dreading Ultimate Wealth Weekend. I was afraid I was going to be subjected to three days of mind numbing boredom. Nothing could have been further from the truth. I had a great time and learned a lot. The best part though was all the amazing interesting people I met. ”
Karen Phelps, freelance writer and cartoonist

“This weekend not only changed my life but also saved my relationship. I now know why I am here, I understand my purpose in life, I re-learnt to communicate more effectively and in doing so discovered my partner’s purpose – which is different from, but complimentary to, my own – and that’s ok. I’ve always been ready for bigger and better things and now I have the tools and the knowledge to achieve them. For that you have my heartfelt thanks and gratitude.”
Kerry Chalmers, Office Manager

“Fantastic group of people and some of the most inspiring speakers I have ever seen.”
Robina Georgiev, Entrepreneur

“Put a different perspective on life and how to achieve what we want.”
Gary McNeil

“Some good opportunities that I will take up and do. Time to do the walking and talking.”
Darcy Sollitt

“The course made me dig inside, bringing to the surface what had laid dormant for years. I now have tools, plans, knowledge a team with awesome support and a network that was created during the course. I have everything I need to achieve ALL MY GOALS!”
HM – Bay of Plenty

“What a huge impact on my life. I found out how to interact with others, operate with incredible momentum, and this will be a disportionate increase in my wealth profile in a very short time”
KC – Auckland

“I got clarity and validation that I was on the right path. However I though I knew it all. I didn’t. The clarity I got and new ideas were just exceptional. Worth ten times the cost.”
VS – Auckland

I couldn’t stop now even if I wanted to!
KL – Bay of Plenty

“The tools I need and an accountable way to achies my goals.”
HM – Bay of Plenty

“Awesome preparation, organisation and management of the course.”
DG – Wellington

“A profound learning: My potential is unbelievable.”
MP – Wellington