Our goal is to help our clients create, accelerate, and preserve their wealth. We help them improve their financial position by providing sound strategies, products and services.

       Adopt a holistic approach to your planning!

The financial plan for the average person looks like a junk drawer – not coordinated or integrated. Everything was acquired at different times, without consideration of how it impacts their overall program. The first step is to organize your finances and get them working together for you. The right hand needs to know what the left hand is doing.

       Accelerate your money’s rate of return with no added risk!
We organize your entire financial situation onto one page. We use a model that encompasses every financial product available and allows us to evaluate your current plan versus other available options. Using simple economic principles, the best options are apparent and your choices are not based on opinions or sales hype.

       Make your money more productive and increase its performance over time!

Our company uses a holistic process called “Personal Financial Engineering”. It’s similar to traditional financial planning, but with several improvements.  It is an effective strategy designed to help you multiply the results of your existing savings and investment programs. This process emphasizes the overall efficiency of a person’s financial growth, rather than focusing only on the rate of return on investments.

Compare: We invite you to compare our services with other options:

Stockbrokers: Many stockbrokers only focus on investments and rates of return, and rarely consider taxes, protection strategies, or holistic considerations or results.

Insurance agents: Often, insurance agents focus strictly on wealth protection without coordinating it with investments, holistic considerations or results.

Traditional financial planners: They typically have a more holistic approach but may limit success to specific needs and goals without showing you how to reach your true wealth potential. They also may not expose the risks or hidden costs involved in many investments.

Personal Financial Engineering: This is holistic and encompasses protection strategies, rate of return, taxes and cost recovery*. It helps you reach your full potential and eliminates opinion and sales hype. It helps you achieve more flexibility and control over your finances and gives you what you really want when you think of financial security.  It will:

* Cost recovery recovers costs that you are unknowingly and unnecessarily losing.